We specialize in all forms of weatherization. To achieve 'whole house' comfort and durability, the attic and knee wall spaces are sometimes the most important and cost effective areas to improve; however, all areas of your home should be addressed.  

A typical weatherization plan includes identifying and mitigating any source of moisture first, then removing all old insulation that may not be effective. 

We then meticulously air seal all utility penetrations that lead to the outside or into the attic.  Insulation dams are constructed in the attic around any hatches, chimneys or can lighting to keep the new loose fill cellulose in place.

Finally, we install 16-18" of cellulose to the entire attic and dense pack any enclosed slopes we find.  

If the exterior walls aren't insulated, we drill and fill from the outside to assure that your home envelope is as efficient as possible.

For homeowners who want to understand and embark on their own home energy improvements, we've included a link to purchase Greater Portland Landmarks' The Energy Efficient Old House: A Workbook for Homeowners.  This inexpensive publication is a great guide to understanding and reducing your household energy use.