Committed to Excellence


​Before 2008, Jon Riley performed home energy evaluations to advise builders and homeowners on how best to solve their home performance issues.   As Jon worked with contractors who were hired to do the improvements he had recommended, he gained a greater understanding of the insulation market.  He learned that few insulation installers could provide services to meet the home performance goals he had set for his clients’ homes.  So Jon bought a truck, a cellulose blower and the tools he needed. And he began to provide the service himself.

Fast forward a dozen years.  Casco Bay Insulation has grown solely by word of mouth, and works with many of the best home builders in Southern Maine, runs three crews from three trucks, and still concentrates on quality over quantity.  As well as providing full insulation services for new construction, we pride ourselves on being able to unlock and improve the energy puzzles that older homes present. Our range of weatherization solutions for new construction and older homes always include dense-pack cellulose as our insulation of choice.

Jon still personally oversees each project from initial site visit to project completion.