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Existing Homes

Your Guide to Creating A Healthy, Comfortable Home

Our Process

Every home is a unique individual and should be approached with a holistic mindset. 

Step 1 -We stop by for a visit to discuss your energy goals and asses your home's current energy performance.  This conversation often covers a wide variety of topics including occupant comfort, indoor air quality, ice dams, moisture mitigation and anything else related to the long term durability of your home.

Step 2 - We send you a detailed estimate covering the measures we discussed during the site visit.  The estimate typically provides several scopes of work that include the specifics of the materials we will use and how we will perform the work.   

Step 3 - Once your approval is received, we schedule the project and get started!  We perform pre and post work blower door testing on all of our projects to track your home's building tightness and ensure access to the Efficiency Maine rebate program.

What Makes Us Different?

At Casco Bay Insulation we always select scopes of work based on building science best practices and the needs of your unique home.


Our project managers function as guides through the entire project.  From the first site visit to the final bill, you will have access to the same trusted partner - start to finish. 

We place a high value on all of our team members and recognize that they are our greatest resource.


 Are We The Right Fit?

We are not the classic "blow some more on top and call it good" weatherization contractor most folks are familiar with. 


In addition to insulation and air sealing, our holistic approach considers all aspects of your home's performance including moisture mitigation, ventilation, and combustion safety.   This holistic approach protects you from some of the common unintended, and often expensive, consequences associated with tightening up an older home.

If you're interested in fundamentally improving your home's energy performance in a thoughtful way, please give us a call!

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