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New Homes

Your Trusted Resource When Building a New High Performance Home


Early Planning

Building a new home is complicated.  We can help.

Our best projects begin with a builder meeting before the design is finalized.  All topics are on the table:

Building Science Based Material Selection

Defining the Thermal Envelope of the Home

Building Tightness and Air Sealing Goals

"Whole House" Ventilation using ASHREA 62.2

Combustion Safety and Occupant Health

Code Compliance - IECC 2021 and Beyond

If you have an upcoming project in the design phase, please do not wait, reach out today!

Details Matter

A great product can still fail if installed poorly.

We work tirelessly to ensure the insulation and air sealing products we use are installed correctly every time.  Details that set us apart: 


All cellulose installed to correct material densities

All netting materials neatly installed with inset staples

All insulated assemblies carefully rolled out flush with framing

These practices ensure drywall can be reliably installed over our work.  They also eliminate the risk of material settling after the project is completed.  We have high standards and a long view, you should too. 


Proven Results

We go beyond code on every project.

Through blower door testing we are able to show our work typically performs 30-60% tighter than current energy code requirements. 


 Our insulation and air sealing strategies result in an efficient, comfortable home.  Every time.

Builder references available upon request!

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