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At Casco Bay Insulation, our most important asset is our employees. We do everything possible to keep them and our customers, vendors, and anyone else we come in contact with as safe as possible. With everyone's health in mind, we have adopted the following best practices: 


All Casco Bay Insulation employees wear masks at all times, even when they're driving alone in a company truck. 

We practice social distancing and try to have at least 6 feet between ourselves and others at all times.


We wash our hands with soap and water frequently. When this isn’t possible, we use sanitizing wipes or liquid hand sanitizer to kill germs on our hands.

We sanitize our trucks and anything else that we come in direct contact with at the end of each day. We wipe down the steering wheel, the shift lever, the dashboard, the door handle, the back door handle, the handles of any power tools that have been used, and anything else that was used on the job site.  We sanitize cell phones frequently, since germs collect and linger there.

We don’t share pens and clipboards and other items, and we sanitize these items frequently.


Employees who feel ill are required to stay home.  If anyone in an employee's immediate circle is sick with COVID-19 they are required to stay home as well.

Employees are asked to consider 5 health questions every morning, and if they answer YES to any of them, stay home for the day.

If there is anything that we can do to make you feel more comfortable while we're working at your home, please let us know.  Your health is our priority.

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