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Dense pack cellulose is the most effective and responsible choice for home insulation.

Dense pack cellulose provides an exceptional R-value and is an environmentally friendly product.  Dense pack cellulose is made of recycled material, is non-toxic, and is highly flame and pest resistant.  To install dense pack cellulose, netting is carefully stapled to framing, and cellulose is blown in.  It is packed densely enough so that it will stay in place if the netting were to be removed.   It's typically installed by two people acting as a team. Cellulose bales are fed into a hopper which breaks up the bundle of cellulose into a fluid like stream of cellulose fibers.  These fibers are blown through a hose into the home's framing cavities, which have been sealed with netting to retain the cellulose between the studs, joists, or rafters.  

Dense pack cellulose fills nooks and crannies, and effectively stops air movement, which is the hallmark of an excellent insulator.  

As well as providing a great R-value, dense pack provides a high degree of sound insulation as well.

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